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About Us

Quality Styles

This website is owned and operated by Driver's Outdoor Power Eq. llc. 

We are a sales and service shop located in West Charleston, Vt 

Our brand America's Logger was formed in early 2020 and is owned and operated by Driver's Outdoor Power eq. llc

We strive to give the quality that customers deserve. Please check us out on our facebook pages, drivers.outdoor.power & americaslogger.

Here at America's Logger, we intend to give the customer quality clothing with a great logo. 

We are a company based out of northern Vermont, and proudly call ourselves Americans. 

On our shirts, we strive to let the customer voice what they are feeling and to get a message out to the reader of the apparel. Let US speak YOUR mind without actually saying anything. We have many slogans and are coming up with new ones all the time. Please enjoy the quality clothing you purchased from us.